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APP is a new way of developing luggage Market

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    APP is a new way of developing luggage Market

    Issue Time:2017-11-14

    APP is a new way of developing luggage Market

    In recent years, with the development of mobile Internet and the rapid convergence with traditional industries, the traditional industry has gradually ushered in the new development of its own industry. At present, the popularity of smart phones, mobile shopping has gradually become a popular way of shopping in the future. "Shopping at fingertips" is gradually being well known and recognized. With a little fingertip, the shopping for the goods you want is successful, and it saves time and effort. It has become a new way of shopping for many people. Of course, the changes in this trend can not escape the eyes of traditional entrepreneurs, they also began to see this huge market, and force into the mobile internet.

    In the traditional leather industry as an example, relying on the huge market of mobile phone owners, established the "bags" APP, become the luggage industry e-commerce highlights, the effect is remarkable. Some people say that for each industry, the development of a certain degree will face certain bottlenecks, transformation and upgrading is the only way to the development of the industry. The development of the Internet will bring new directions and markets to the traditional marketing model, and we must seize this opportunity.

    The current "bags" APP sales platform in addition to playing the role of more for the other luggage shop to provide purchase resources, provide channels for want into the luggage industry entrepreneurs to provide personalized custom services for individual users and business users, help more luggage enterprises do network marketing, to service and quality to brand, thus to make up for their lack of resources and reputation on the. Species are also very much, computer bag, briefcase, wallet, leather goods, fashion bags, handbags and other diversified development program, from the material is various, leather, PU, polyester, canvas, cotton bags and other fashionable texture. Consumers can choose whatever they want.

    Leather goods manufacturing, product sales and trading, warehousing and distribution, product testing, personnel exchanges and other public service platform of a complete industrial chain, which makes the platform more competitive advantages, but also makes the current have many leather bags to join the client to compete to chase. The transformation of the luggage industry has also provided new ideas for more traditional industries, and more traditional industries have also seen the mobile Internet market, and realize the development of both "entity marketing" and "network sale"".