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Outdoor equipment, outdoor sports backpack of the four major categories

Outdoor equipment, outdoor sports backpack of the four major categories

Nov 7,2017
Outdoor equipment, outdoor sports backpack of the four major categories

With the improvement of living standards, many people choose to make some outdoor trips during their breaks. In outdoor travel, need to prepare some outdoor equipment, the equipment will be placed in the backpack, travel bag so how can be more easy and convenient? Today to introduce related knowledge.

There are many kinds of outdoor backpacks in the market. They are mainly divided into four kinds, namely, travel bag, bicycle bag, back rack bag and mountaineering bag.

Travel packages, also known as travel packages, are the product of travel and travel. At present, tourism projects are developing rapidly both at home and abroad, and travel bags have evolved in various ways. In the process of travel, it can bring us convenience, so that the goods are easy to pack and carry. Therefore, according to the length of travel time and distance, you need to choose the right package.

First of all, the type of travel bag, according to the shape of the package can be divided into backpacks, bags, and tie bag. Bags for daily use and daily urban travel or short distance travel packages.

Travel packages generally have a removable top bag or a pocket, after arriving at the destination, can be used for things on top bag or pocket inside, big pack in the destination, and then traveling light.

Is carrying a big bag, heavy to fill up, like a cool attitude will attract a lot of eyeballs, but bear in my body weight as long as I get tired, arm also no one for you in charge, so the travel must be able to "volume selection in the selection of travel packages when the package".

Choose travel bag must try, is suitable for packing the component stuff I try in the bag, perhaps by partner bag back try, try to pay attention to when travel bag with my back belt and the chest belt can close, suitability, and men's and women should be separated and so on.

With a good travel bag, not filling the same, you will have backache. According to the Pathfinder field supplies store clerk, the loading of ordinary items according to times (bottom-up) sleeping bags and clothing, lighter equipment, heavy equipment, supplies, beverages.

Acquisition of travel packages, it is best to professional stores, please professionals to help purchase, purchase must be critical, do not just look at the brand, not suitable, prefer not to buy, do not make it.

Bag and backpack type is divided into two categories. Bag type can carry, also can pack hanging in front of the bicycle or the rear rack. The backpack is mainly used for bicycles that require high speed riding. The bicycle bag is provided with reflective light reflecting strips to ensure the safety when riding at night.

3、Back pack

This type of package consists of a package and an external aluminum alloy shelf. Articles used for carrying larger, less easily packed backpacks, such as camera cases, gas canisters, etc.. In addition, many backpacks often indicate which sports are appropriate for the sport.

Two categories: one is a large backpack between 50~80 liters; the other is a small backpack between 20~35 liters, also known as "assault bag"".

Large mountaineering bags are mainly used for transporting mountaineering materials in mountain climbing. Small mountaineering bags are generally used for high-altitude climbing or peak raids.

Special mountaineering backpack is to cope with the extreme environment, create exquisite and unique, the general bag gangling, package back according to human natural curve design, the bag body is close to the back of the people, in order to reduce the pressure on the shoulder strap.

These bags are waterproof and will not leak even in heavy rain. In addition, mountaineering bags are used in addition to mountaineering, and other adventure sports (such as rafting, crossing deserts, etc.) and long distance travel are also widely used.