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Shoulders computer bag how to clean and maintain?

Shoulders computer bag how to clean and maintain?

Update Time:2017/11/14

With the popularity of notebook computer, people's lives become more advanced at the same time, the notebook computer peripheral products demand is increasingly large, such as shoulder computer bag, a notebook computer can be said to be necessary.

Generally speaking, most of the computer packages are made of canvas or nylon material, the notebook computer package can be dry cleaning or washing of such materials, color is bright stripe more, computer bag is the best dry cleaning, otherwise it will fade. If you want to wash, then use a neutral soft lotion cleaning, such as shampoo or detergent, brush with small cashmere lines, brush back and forth can be.

Of course, the last of the air is a very important step, if you put on the computer for a large number of cleaning toilet paper wrapped package, must be close to the surface, which can prevent the string color, also can prevent yellow canvas surface.

The special attention is, must be dried or dried, can not let the sun, and in the dry, it is best to computer bag lining turned out to dry, it can also prevent the computer package in the drying process of surface damage.

Note: if the shoulders of the shoulders of the computer bag can not be soaked, avoid sun exposure, before cleaning, will be removed from the activities of accessories.

First, grease treatment: A. greasy dirt on the computer bag, in the cleaning can be used detergent directly scrub grease spots, if not black, red and other deep color fabric can be washed lightly brushing powder. B. pure white fabric can be diluted with dilute water (1:10 diluted), brush directly with grease stains, you can remove. C. soak with detergent for 10 minutes (add 6 drops of detergent in each basin, stir well), then make regular treatment. Before cleaning, D. should be diluted with oxalic acid and stained with a toothbrush to wipe the contaminated area for routine treatment.

Method of removing two, ballpoint, A. color fabric ballpoint, available 95% alcohol treatment. B. before washing with Amway (or some painted white) brush in the handwriting, not cleaning the bathroom, parking 5 minutes after conventional treatment.

Three, fabric treatment methods (except black fabric): first soak with concentrated salt water for a minute, then salt water into water, soft soap, brush evenly, light brush.

Four, moldy treatment: use 40 degrees hot soapy water soak for 10 minutes, and then deal with conventional treatment. For white fabric computer bag, can be soaked in soapy water, the moldy place in the sun for 10 minutes after drying, and then routine treatment.