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What style of schoolbag is good for middle school students?

What style of schoolbag is good for middle school students?

Nov 14,2017

What style of schoolbag is good for middle school students?What bags are popular among middle school students now?

The new term is about to begin, and many parents are busy buying new bags and sneakers for their children. High school students are in the stage of growth and development, and the purchase of good bags not only for the shoulders of the child shoulder, but also on the child's spine, waist benefits, to avoid children develop a habit of hunchback. What kind of schoolbag is good for health? How should a middle school student choose a bag? Choose a bag for the child is also a certain skill, not what you buy, but the use of good, easy to use health oriented.

1, weight does not exceed 15% weight

The center of gravity of the human body is in the middle, and if the head is downward, it represents the center of gravity to move forward, which is a sign of hunchback. When the child's schoolbag is overweight, the head must move forward in order to balance the back of the schoolbag and the weight of the back of the body. As time passes, the child is used to walk with bosom.

Recommendation: the weight of a school bag should not exceed 15% of its weight. Children should get into the good habit of pack their bags every day and take away the books which are not available for the time being.

2, avoid choosing these three kinds of unhealthy schoolbag

Single shoulder Backpack Bag: 60s and 70s now and popular. The shoulder bag shoulders one side of the shoulder, resulting in uneven force between the left and right shoulders. Coupled with the weight of the book, it can cause shoulder and spinal strain and even scoliosis in the long run. Similarly, children should not move their shoulder bags to the shoulder.

Hand bag: pull bar type schoolbag is hot in recent years. This kind of schoolbag is like a suitcase. It has pull bar and wheel. It can pull away, let the child's shoulders free, but make the wrist force. This design allows the bag of center of gravity, the child pulling while walking easily sprained wrist.

Front back bag: back to the back of the bag back to the chest, is the common back road, this back method is intended to prevent thieves. If the bag is overweight, the front back will only increase the waist load, so that the possibility of lumbar strain increases.

Middle school bag purchase method

1, to choose broadband, with the shoulder pads

To choose broadband, shoulder bag. It would be better if there was a heavy belt on the bag, which would spread the pressure evenly and would not cause too much damage to the back and shoulders.

2, more bags

To check the inside of each part of the bag, it is better to have more partitions. The utility model can not only play the role of classified loading of textbooks and various stationery, but also make the schoolbag weight evenly.

3, bags on the bag and mesh not too much

There are not too many pockets and meshes in the bag. Otherwise, it is easy to be caught by sharp objects, which is dangerous. To avoid bags with too many metal buttons or metal zipper, too many metal accessories, in addition to increasing the weight of the bag, and may cause injury to the back.

4, the best backpack back cushion

Choose a padded bag back, because the pad has a pit for radiation, can make the child will not be sweating in the back when".

5, consider small bags

Choose the smallest schoolbag that holds books and stationery. Generally speaking, the bag should not be wider than the body; back on the body, the bottom of the bag should not be less than 10 cm waist.

6, consider the bag material

Choose a bag made of light nylon or canvas rather than leather or other heavy material.