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The origin of canvas bag and the concept of "Dofo"

The origin of canvas bag and the concept of "Dofo"

Nov 9,2017
The origin of canvas bag and the concept of "Dofo"
A thick cotton fabric, named for the Nordic Vikings who first used it for sail in eighth Century. So some people think that canvas and sailboat should come together, but that's not the case. Canvas has a long history. Canvas was widely used as early as the ancient Rome. Because the canvas is more thread weaving, so the texture strength, abrasion resistance, close thick, at the time of the ancient Romans originally made the falconry wristband. The dense canvas also had good waterproof properties, and was eventually used by the Romans to make marching tents. Due to the characteristics of fast wear canvas, the first modern parachute later by made of canvas, the first modern football made of rubber canvas core sphere, appeared in fifteenth Century the world's first painting, canvas is also used to wear thick canvas. At the beginning of sixteenth Century canvas by businessmen brought to the American continent, immigrants in Europe, the Americas early canvas bag will become free and full of adventure of people's love, the world's first pair of jeans later is a canvas by sewing, and the birth of the world's first pair of canvas shoes marked the canvas to a the new era began, the canvas is closer to people's lives. In the 60s and 70s of last century, the army green canvas bags became a fashion for people. With the progress of science and technology, textile technology has been greatly improved, the types of canvas gradually increased, more widely used. In twenty-first Century, entered the era of environmental protection, the environmental protection canvas fabric has more recognition, although there is not enough canvas ostentation, but a bit more casual and low-key, the new canvas bag concept will be carrying a new concept of fashion, "Dofo" has entered the field of fashion.

In recent years, cloth with its bright colors, fashionable, more and more characteristics of cheap girls love. But because has not formed a stable market, many brands of canvas bag, how to find a fashion, youth, lively, durable canvas bag has become the biggest wish of the girls, Dofo rely on their own experience to tell you how to buy cloth.

First, from the fabric, cloth with canvas, corduroy, wool fabrics such as velvet, winter with some artificial wool, good quality canvas, corduroy fabric texture, delicate touch, feel relatively is not very smooth. Second, from the material, cotton, silk and chemical fiber material in material compared to more strong, not easy drawing, may we often encounter this kind of situation: bag appearance is not bad, in the first break, so buy a bag, is very important in the material. Some brands of bags in the material will have a brand of LOGO, of course, the price will also increase accordingly. Third, from the ingredients, cloth and leather in shape is not strong, easy deformation, so the production of cloth, usually on the fabric in a layer of non-woven fabric to stabilize the pressure bag shape, non-woven heavier the higher price, package shape fixed is also better, so in general, five gold the same ingredients under the heavy cloth. Fourth, from the work, sewing pins more dense, pack more strong, more difficult line. Fifth, from the hardware ingredients, that is, zippers, rings, hooks and so on, the best I can see is copper, of course, the weight is also very heavy.

The above is the Dofo sum up their experience for the girls advice, a reminder to everyone, don't happy buying bags, home when they had a stomach gas, there is the production of Dofo has been committed to the canvas bag, Dofo love canvas bag, do not want to be some bad businesses destroyed a canvas bag that is not a stable market.

Canvas bag classic unbeaten fashion concept, collocation canvas bag with its unique design, the topic with the appearance of embellishment and internal quality, is a collection of all major brands of fashion elements, a series of products are designed for young people, light material, all-match tone, after special treatment, Dofo it exudes a brand has always uphold the low-key fashion style. New varieties of autumn and winter, passionate styling and retro elegant accessories become the highlight.

Dofo autumn and winter show is full of the taste and style of the 80s model with Dofo, but in the canvas bag striking degree no less, especially the use of accessories, looks very elegant and noble, different accessories to the visual impact of different people, the same material and give people the diversity level. In order to achieve the effect of canvas bag all-match specially from Hongkong high tech employ design bags team, survey design and market the professional environment.

The final Dofo canvas bag design a variety of styles of simple fashion, classic style big cloth. Has been widely recognized by the market, it is through the test of time, they do not blindly on the city, Dofo launched a new canvas bag often at the same time, analyzed from many customers crowd psychology, if want to use a bag for a long time, it must have good quality, good design can not be eliminated quality, durable to superior, which is the most basic reason, Dofo bag every new package listed, Dofo in the all-match, highlight their individuality, showing freedom of life philosophy! In this Dofo remind you, you can match their personality is beautiful! You can match your personality to be absolute!