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School bag how to choose?

School bag how to choose?

Update Time:2017/11/14

Schoolbag is an essential learning tool for children, many parents in the purchase of schoolbags is often only consider the appearance and durability, while ignoring the health care function. In fact, the child's bag on the physical development has a very big impact, such as improper selection easy to hurt the spine, with back, parents should pay more attention to the health problems brought about by schoolbags. So, how should select the appropriate bag it?

Select the Schoolbag to see three : shoulder strap, belt and chest strap

Because most children's schoolbags are heavy enough to easily block blood flow and cause muscle damage, especially the shoulder, it is generally recommended that the shoulder strap should be wide, will help reduce the pressure on the shoulder bag, and can be evenly distributed The weight of the bag, while the padded shoulder strap can reduce the bag on the trapezius muscle strain caused.

In addition to wide shoulder strap, the best children's bags also equipped with belt and chest strap. The previous bag is usually no belts and chest straps, only some backpack backpack only, but in fact increase the role of these two bands is very large, the use of belts and chest straps can be closer to the back bag, the weight of the bag unloading In the lumbar and bone above, and can be fixed in the back bag to prevent the bag swing, reducing the pressure on the spine and shoulder.

Healthy schoolbag to choose light without smell

Children's bag material to light, because the children every day to carry a large number of books and items back to school, so in order to avoid the child's load increase, the bag should try to choose light-weight material. It is generally recommended that children's books contain a weight that does not exceed 15% of their weight.

When buying bags, but also smell the smell of schoolbags, if the shares pungent odor, then the formaldehyde content of the bag is likely to exceed the standard, the child's health will cause a greater threat.

The best health bags can also protect the ridge, with back prevention

As children's spine bone is soft, easy to deformation by long-term compression, if the bag design is too inappropriate or too easily lead to children with back. In the purchase of school bags, you can consider the choice of a ridge function of the bag, such as the back of the bag with a hollow pressure-free design, can reduce the opportunity to hit the spine bag, and backplane hollow design can prevent the bag close to the back, so that children do not Will "sweat." It should be noted that, with the ridge function of the bag is often higher prices.

Parents should choose a bag with gravity center board design, easy to put the weight of the book in the center of gravity within the board, so close to the back of the center of gravity, can keep the back straight back , Reduce the opportunity to contain the back.