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Use of insulation package

Use of insulation package

Update Time:2017/11/14

Insulation bag is not charged products, all cold, heat energy depends on the food itself, bags principle is to play a role in the extension of time.

The use of insulation products:

1.Going out for a picnic. On holidays about 35 friends to go out to play, with this ice pack, you can always enjoy the fresh food and iced drinks.

2. Used to store the supermarket to buy frozen food can be a long time to maintain a hard frozen state, do not hurry home (frozen food here refers to fresh frozen food, rather than ice cream ice cream, ice cream ice cream can only maintain 20-50 minutes Not).

3. Delivery, delivery. To family and friends friends, or meal delivery staff work to send take-away, can play a good insulation effect.

4. Food insulation. As office workers, sometimes you are more willing to bring their own rice, insulation bag is your best choice.

5. Used as passive car refrigerator. Insulation cold, easy to carry, it is your most affordable option. Recommended with 3-8 only ice bag, can extend the holding time.

Insulation bag