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How to choose a professional backpack?

How to choose a professional backpack?

Update Time:2017/11/14

How to choose a professional  backpack?

Mountaineering, camping, outing, the most indispensable thing is the backpack.
It can carry a lot of things, the liberation of his hands, keep the body balance, making travel safer and more comfortable.
However, how in the large and small, different colors and backpack to find their own, but it is not so easy to do.

1. Classification Backpack, generally divided into hiking bags and mountaineering bag, popular talk is light and heavy bag package. Light-type backpack suitable for migration step,
Camping, a short time through the activities, light weight, simple design, the load is not more than four or five pounds is a good choice.
Heavy-duty backpack for high altitude mountain climbing, long-distance crossing and other activities, the design of more weight-bearing state to consider the carrying capacity,
But tend to be heavier.
2. Capacity Outdoor backpack is usually divided into different capacity to l (L) for the measurement unit, 15L,
30L, 45L, 60L, 70L. However, how much to buy the package can not just look at the capacity and number, but also depends on how much the back
A suspension system is most appropriate. Carry the system with each person's torso length (torso length)
Directly related. In general, the trunk length of less than 45 cm for the small package, the trunk length between 45-52 cm
Of the package for the medium, if the trunk length of 52 cm or more, you should pick a large package.
(Cautions: trunk length refers to the seventh from the spine (neck and shoulder is the junction of the most prominent piece of bone)
To the distance between the vertebrae parallel to the hip bone. Now some backpack with "flexible capacity" design,
Because the journey of food and fuel consumables such as the increase in activity time decreases, in order not to affect the tightness and balance of the backpack,
This design can make the backpack after a few days in the activity can still play solid, but also makes this backpack can be applied to different areas of activity.
In general, small and medium-sized backpack does not require this design, but no one so designed, if you want to change the size of the capacity of the side of the bag or adjust the compression side of the belt to adjust.
45 liters above the backpack at least five adjustable elastic band, and have different functions. Such as belts, shoulder straps, chest belt, backpack compression zone, with the focus of regulation.
Each band in different circumstances need to adjust to the most appropriate level, so as to reduce the burden of feeling for the journey.

3. Material work Of course, outdoor goods is a sub-price goods,
Usually good quality backpack is also a lot of money. When buying materials, workmanship, design also has a lot of stress, and even fabrics, zippers, fasteners, webbing, belts or shoulder pads, etc.,
Have different manufacturers and brands. In addition, a good package in the design is more humane, and this point, you need to carefully test the experience back. A suitable backpack, will make your journey more pleasing

4. In terms of backpack fabric, the choice of wear-resistant degree to be considered, the degree of waterproof technology, the severity of fabric, anti-tear degree, softness and degree of anti-UV (tearing fabric for the grid-shaped;
Wear the material used in the bottom of the backpack, contact with the ground and rocks up to the place, the bottom of the double backpack can increase the durability of the backpack); the backpack is not waterproof,
. Currently used for the "nylon" and "Cordura" two. Canvas, although more wearable, but easy to damp, wet and difficult to dry and heavy quality, it has been rarely used. Nylon cloth quality lighter,
Not moisture, mildew, fast drying, strength is also good, the disadvantage is not afraid of fire and fire. Cordura cloth is a synthetic nylon fabric, but it is in the wear and strength of the performance better than nylon,
The same will not moisture, moldy or sticky snow, and fast-drying, but slightly heavier than the nylon.

5 work depends on the suture strength. Including the shoulder belt and bag body suture, cover and package body suture
, To mention the ring and the package of the suture, the suture between the fabric, plug-in and package body suture. The key parts of the suture is generally multi-channel, multiple insurance.

Quality of accessories
Accessories include waist buckle,
All zippers, webbing and fasteners, including the package and the package of fasteners, fasteners, such as plug-in. More famous zipper YKK and YBS, YKK zipper is usually considered top grade. Outdoor backpack zipper
Are all metal, general mountaineering bag with the zipper are 5 and 8 of the. Backpack is good or bad with the relationship between the zipper is very large.

6. Ribbon generally have Nylon and Poly two. Nylon's webbing is of good quality,
Feel soft, only the best package to use it. Most of the bags are made with Poly's webbing. Ribbon load-bearing capacity is very good, it is generally used to connect the harness of the strap, used for side pull belts, belts and other locations.
Ribbon generally with the buckle or buckle with the use.

7. The so-called tower buckle is one side is the side of the hair is the kind of hook material, the two materials can be stuck together, usually nylon. Used in the bag mouth or other location
. The use of tower buckle can be designed to facilitate the removal of some pendant.
Backpack on the elastic, elastic rope and rope is generally PP. Used in the necking or other position of the bag.

8. Plastic board is an indispensable thing mountaineering bag, generally used in the back, to prevent a mess of stuff inside the package Ge with the back, other parts are used. Generally 1M and 3M is different,
There are half-foam and non-foaming of the points, if it is foamed PE board, in the above you can see some small holes, the smaller the degree of foam hardness greater.

9. Aluminum bar is a general interior-style backpack
Indispensable thing, there is a certain degree of curvature, is carrying the system components, because of its curvature can be transferred to the weight of the hip over the backpack

10. A small quick hanging, easy to hang in the backpack to pick up small objects, towels, hats, garbage bags.Compression bags, can be used to install tents, Fleece, Down and other inflated, soft items, can reduce the volume of these items in the package.