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Update Time:2017/11/13
We probably talk about a half-day how to buy a package, in fact, the most important thing is full of backpack. If the load is not appropriate, the backpack is very uncomfortable, tired not to say, maybe you have to flash.

My experience is not enough, so the best experience, outdoor enthusiasts to help you design. In general, the backpack needs the body to move forward. This is also the shortcomings of the shelf, after all, a long time the body will be tired. However, a good way to fill or solve this problem can be solved.

General heavy objects should be placed near the top and near the rear of the place, such as stoves, lamps. If the camera and lens can be placed in a small camera bag, you can also place the top, the center of gravity can straighten the waist. If you go to this area, you can take it out.

You do not need to sleep at the bottom, do not need to wear clothes at the bottom, the other thing is not the best to put down. Need to put things on the side of the pocket, such as jacket rain, map, compass and so on.

Heavy things on the body close to the place. The farther away from the body, the more the trunk muscles, the use of more power to balance these things, drag the torso torque. The weight distribution of the backpack is a key factor in the weight of the backpack, which is important. In fact, this is why the backpack as much as possible to adapt.

In addition, heavy objects in the upper part of the effort, but need flexibility (in the absence of difficult climbing and skiing on the road) heavy things in the bottom of the body more focused on more stable, backpack better to follow.

Long time to carry the weight transferred to the crotch in general, more than 80% -85%. Shoulder straps should wear shoulder straps and shoulders on top of shoulders. Shoulder straps on shoulder and body contact shoulder and chest, backpack without shoulder.

The backpack problem is annoying, and when I put something on the shoulder strap, I do not need flexibility. If you like photography to hang all the furniture there, the camera before and after the weight balance is also more convenient. The map compass and snack can also be hung there, pay attention to the weight of the front pocket on the shoulder strap, because the shoulder strap is floating, so the weight of the front bag and the main bag is borne by the crotch.