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WHAT are the advantages of canvas bags ? What is it made of ?

WHAT are the advantages of canvas bags ? What is it made of ?

Update Time:2017/11/13

Canvas: a thick, thick fabric of cotton or linen. Originally named for sails. Generally use plain weave, a small amount of twill weave, warp and weft yarn with multiple strands. Canvas is usually divided into two broad categories: coarse canvas and fine canvas.

Canvas bag material and cotton cloth bag material is the same cotton, take it from nature, very environmental protection;

Canvas bag, the biggest cost is the fabric, non-woven bag with some green ink, generally do not cut corners in order to save that money (unless it is the manufacturer to Mongolia), said to be green here;

Durable, pay attention to the use of cloth canvas bag for two years without any damage, but in some places open line (sometimes carry heavy things out, manufacturers do not good), so the workmanship is exquisite manufacturers, this is from the publicity time oh;

Canvas bag more fabrics, more lines, most of them are very fine, smooth printing, imaging effect is very good.

Cleaning is also easier, after washing, there will be a little deformation, because cotton will shrink. This is much stronger than non-woven fabrics.